Xiaomi Mi Reader, this is the new Xiaomi ebook.

With each month that passes, Xiaomi continues to increase its catalog, and that is excellent news for all those who the brand awakens some sympathy since it implies competitive products at a reasonable price in the market, whether they are monitors, smartphones or other devices.

Xiaomi Mi Reader, this is the new Xiaomi ebook.
Xiaomi Mi Reader, this is the new Xiaomi ebook.

Now, the new thing of the company is an excellent launch for the lovers of the reading, since it is an Amazon Kindle-style eBook that looks very good, and that receives the name of Xiaomi Mi Reader, let’s see what the Chinese company has prepared!

It is the Xiaomi Mi Reader.

The eBooks are one of the most useful niche devices on the market right now since they fulfill their mission entirely: that we can read our books on a screen that, after a time of reading, does not harm our eyesight. And that is the Xiaomi Mi Reader.

It is a device that Xiaomi has launched to finance it through crowdfunding, and that will come out on November 20, as the company has announced in Weibo, with a 6-inch electronic ink panel and which will accompany 1 GB of RAM.

Being an eBook will allow us to modify the font size and style when we are facing an epub file. Still, with it, we can also open PDF files, text, presentations, and even spreadsheets, so it is also an excellent way to be able to read documents.

And if you have tried one of these devices, you will know that the difference in reading is quite significant. This Xiaomi Mi Reader would go out to the Chinese market for a price that would be around 70 euros to change, so if we want to buy it from Spain, we will have to pay something more when it is available in an online store.

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