What is Apple comment on Google’s Chromebook?

As undoubtedly many of you will already know, Apple has presented its new – and expensive – 16-inch MacBook Pro, and that comes with “important” news such as a new, brighter screen and a new keyboard.

What is Apple comment on Google's Chromebook?
What is Apple comment on Google’s Chromebook?

Today, two companies are the ones that share the market in terms of computers. Microsoft with Windows and Apple with their machines. And Google? Google has Chromebooks, devices based on the Chrome OS operating system that would be the excellent G alternative to both Microsoft and Apple products, mainly due to their reduced price.

For this same reason, Apple’sApple’s vice president of global product marketing, Phill Schiller, has been interviewed by CNET and asked about the main rivals of Apple computers, especially Chromebooks and their growth in education. His answer could not be more precise.

Apple is not worried about Google or its Chromebooks

Phill has been clear. For him, Chromebooks are only sold because they are cheap. He believes that the excellent reception of computers in the classroom is not because they are the right products, but because they are affordable for schools and because children have to learn to use technology. However, he clarifies that he does not believe that Chromebooks are the best learning tool due to his limitations.

For Schiller, any MacBook, and especially the iPad, they are much more efficient and avant-garde educational tools since they have many more utilities than Google devices that only serve to surf the web and perform fundamental tasks.

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