Zombies Mode arrival date to Call Of Duty: Mobile is confirmed.

Call Of Duty Mobile has been, without a doubt, the most recently released game among users. We have analyzed it, and of course, I was called to succeed for its format and the success of the console franchise. And, if you like the game, and your mobile is compatible, it is a must download.

The game brings together several of the most normal maps of the game saga and also has a Battle Royale with which they compete with games such as PUBG or Fortnite. And now, Call Of Duty: Mobile is close to integrating one of the most successful modes of Call Of Duty: the zombies. And the arrival date is already official.

Call Of Duty: Mobile will have zombie mode on November 22

The zombies, since the Call Of Duty World at War, have been one of the most successful game modes of the game, and it has rained quite a bit since then, but the truth is that this game mode is still a classic, and now, will reach the mobile version of the game, specifically, on November 22.
In this game mode, we start with a gun and earn points as we kill zombies, which arrive in waves. With the points, we can buy weapons, drinks that enhance aspects such as health or speed, and even improve weapons so that their destructive power increases significantly.
And best of all is that, at least in console, you can play both locally and online, so if you arrive in the same way to the mobile, it will be an excellent ally for times when we do not have an internet connection, and this is always a great advantage.

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