These are all Xiaomi AirDots, and you can buy them at the best price.

Xiaomi has one of the most extensive catalogs of the technological landscape. Of course, we find smartphones in all ranges, but also a wide variety of gadgets and accessories that can be the perfect companions for our mobile phone.

These are all Xiaomi AirDots, and you can buy them at the best price.
These are all Xiaomi AirDots, and you can buy them at the best price.

AirDots, your wireless headphones, is a good example. There are several versions, but which are the ones that best fit what I’m looking for?

These all the AirDots headphones you can buy, with their features, and at a high price.

The small Xiaomi headphones, which we had the opportunity to analyze, are perfect if you are looking for something with a design other than Apple AirPods. They have rubber for a better fit and barely weigh 4 grams each.

Its battery will give you about 4 hours of playback. Thanks to its small touch panel, you can control your music, radio, or podcasts. They also have the True Wireless Stereo technology that will allow you to listen to all the nuances.

AirDots Pro

The “Pro” version of the AirDots does arrive with a charging case and a design more similar to the successful Apple headphones. Although with rubber for adjustment. The sound quality is better than in the standard model, although it does not stand out for its bass.

Of course, they have a certification that protects them from splashing water and sweat so that you can use them for sports. Your battery is approaching at 4 hours, but you will gain ten more hours of battery thanks to its case.

AirDots Pro 2
The new edition of the complete headphones of the Chinese firm represents a further step in sound quality, especially about the bass. Protected against splashes and sweat, they do not have rubber bands for adjustment.

Like the other models, we find an autonomy that is around 4 hours. However, there is an increase in the capacity of its case, which reaches 14 hours.

Which would we choose?

The AirDots indeed left us with good impressions, and for just 16 euros, you can not ask for more. They are the purchase if you are looking for something cheap, but if you can afford to take a small leap, we recommend that you opt for the AirDots Pro 2.

The price difference concerning the AirDots Pro is minimal and represents a significant step forward in sound quality.

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