Why buy online on AliExpress?

Undoubtedly one of the leading retailers in the Chinese market, the truth is that the globalization and internationalization of Asian giants have made AliExpress continue to gain ground in our markets quickly, steadily, and with increased reliability.

Why buy online on AliExpress?
Why buy online on AliExpress?

In fact, and although many are still doubting online shopping, the Alibaba subsidiary is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary with a massive catalog of products, technological and not so technical, which is continually growing and has more prices How attractive in most cases.

Surely, shipments from Asian warehouses have always been the great mole of AliExpress, which suffered from long waiting times in the delivery of orders, something that the giant is trying to solve with AliExpress Plaza or a new section of offers with shipments in 7 days.

AliExpress is not what it used to be, and with Plaza, you will receive your shipments from Spain.

This section of offers with delivery in 7 days proposes from time to time new products available at reduced prices that we can have at home in Spain in just one week. Without waiting for 30 or 45 days as it used to happen, although with a more limited catalog than the one offered by the AliExpress platform.

Also, and if a section of specific offers with shipping to Spain in 7 days seems to us little, a couple of years ago that the giant Asian retailer has a base in Spain and a specific portal to centralize its operations known as AliExpress Plaza.

In their case, they are all advantages, since it operates like any other online store based in our country with shipments from Spain in 24 or 48 hours for hundreds of products of all kinds.

It has prices usually lower than those of its competition, in addition to products imported from China that are sometimes complicated to find in other stores, and always with the legal deadline of 15 days for returns that are managed directly from Spain.

The prices are somewhat higher than in the portal with shipments from China. Still, here we will be sure that the guarantee also stipulated by a two-year law will be valid without any problem, something that when importing products sometimes is not so bright.

In AliExpress Plaza, you make sure that any mobile or device will come with global firmware and ready to work in Spain from the start. So those who still have doubts will surely give them a plus of acceptance to know that AliExpress already has a base of operations in Spain and with all the advantages of any other national store. Do you sign up?

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